Moore Character Assassination

Judge Roy Moore’s trial in the court of public opinion continues and the verdict will come December 12 when Alabamians head to the polls. Like with every political hit job there is intrigue and accusations worthy of a Clancy novel. A gripping plot underpinned by torturous subplots all working to a similar end.┬áThat end is, of course, who holds the invaluable Alabama Senate seat. A coveted possession, formerly occupied by now-Attorneys General Jeff Sessions, held by the soon to be evicted Luther Strange.
Strange lost in the Republican run-off election to Moore. He’s a lame duck loyal to Majority leader Mitch McConnell. There is ample motive for both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans to see that Roy Moore lose on the twelfth. But why? How? The narrative is that Moore, a vocal Christian, is a serial sexual predator. A claim Moore emphatically denies. The reason behind this never-before-made accusation is simple: political power is closely guarded and billions are at stake.

Like any good political thriller there are characters integral to the fiction driving forward the narrative. This story has a number of them. I’ve pieced together what can be found on the stakeholders, the accusers and power players both.

This story is updated as new allegations and facts come to light. Last updated 12/08

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